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Where to find Humpback Whales on Oahu

Humpback whales generally congregate in ocean waters less than 600 feet deep throughout the main Hawaiian Islands. Humpback whales in Hawai`i can at times be encountered on the surface over deeper waters. Mothers can be seen teaching their calves to breach, and males can be seen competing with one another in fierce head-to-head battles. The areas around Maui are known to be some of the most active in Hawaii. You don't have to board a boat to see humpback whales on Oahu. Each year a volunteer National Humpback Whale Sanctuary whale count is conducted from land on the islands of Oahu, Hawaii (the Big Island), Kaua`i and Kaho`olawe. The top eleven Oahu Whale Watching locations are listed here with a calculation of the probability of seeing whales.

site 3 Ma`ili Point - med/high 2.00
site 6 Ka`ena Point North Shore - high 1.90
site 9 Sharks Cove - med/high 2.58
site 11 La`ie Point - high 3.42
site 14 Pyramid Rock (MCBH) - high 2.20 (military installation)
site 18 Makapu`u Point Light House - high 4.67
site 19 Halono Blowhole - high 3.33
site 20 Lana`i Lookout - high 3.41
site 21 Hanauma Bay - high 3.69
site 22 Spitting Caves - high 4.00
site 23 Diamond Head - med/high 1.91

Humpback Whale References and Links

There are many organizations involved in whale research and you can spend hours reading about observations and theories on whale behavior. I have included links to some interesting sites.

Oahu Island News The Humpbacks of Honolulu

NOAA Fisheries' Office of Protected Resources -

Marine Wildlife Viewing Guidelines -

Earthtrust Humpback Whales

Encyclopedia of the National Marine Sanctuaries -

The Hawaii Whale Research Foundation -

PBS Nature Humpback Whales -

Cascadia Research -

American Cetacean Society -



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