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A promise from Captain Kelly:

What I do is incredibly special and out of the ordinary. Let me treat you to a special day on the water as only a Kama`aina (local) can. Others just want your money, I want your smiles.

Leave the tourist boats for those who don’t know the difference. You won’t regret your decision. I’ll personally make sure.

We all know money is important. We can’t live without it in our modern society; but what is really most valuable is time. Especially when you are on vacation and have spent so much of your precious time-off to get all the way to Hawaii. Your valuable time cannot be replaced. And while you’re here, time is so limited to do all the things you see and hear about.

It is hard to know what to do. Do what you came to Hawaii to do. Relax and really enjoy what Hawaii has to offer. Let me show you what over 50 years in Hawaii have taught me.

There is nothing on the island more relaxing, more enlightening, more fulfilling, than to spend your time on a sailing yacht getting to know the real Hawaii. Do what Kama`aina do when we have a day off. Enjoy Hawaii's ocean paradise.

Let me share the extraordinary beauty of Hawaii’s incredible Pacific Ocean with you and your family. Hear your kids “ooh and ahh” with delight and scream with joy at the wonders and thrills of the ocean. Let them build their confidence while steering a 52’ yacht, or snorkeling with Honu, the endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. See the whole family smile from ear to ear. You won’t hear that familiar “How long are we going to be here?” or “How long do we have to do this?” or “Can we do something else, this is boring?” aboard the Royal Hawaiian Catamaran.

I offer you a timeless experience of a lifetime. One you will long for over and over, one you will never forget or regret. A thrill and experience for young and old alike. Let me show you the true meaning of Aloha! The true feeling of Hawaii! The true spirit of my home! I won't waste your time.

Aloha and Mahalo (Thank you) for your time.

Captain Kelly Faulkner

The Captain

Captain Kelly Faulkner first arrived in Hawaii in 1964. He spent his formative years on the beautiful windward Oahu bays of Kailua and Kaneohe learning the ways of the islands and the ocean. Sailing, surfing and diving since the age of six, Kelly was the proud owner of his first vessel, a classic El Toro, at the age of nine.

He took his first sailing lessons at the Kaneohe Yacht Club in 1967 on Flying Juniors. He learned to sail catamarans aboard an AquaCat, the first production catamaran ever made. His family acquired the 121st Hobie 14 catamaran made. Kelly and his family sailed the catamaran off the world famous Outrigger Canoe Club, at Diamond Head in Waikiki. He was often seen catching and surfing waves as big as 12 feet with the Hobie. At age 13, Captain Kelly was bumming his way on deep sea fishing vessels at the Ala Wai Harbor and spent time crewing on offshore racing yachts.

Kelly learned surfing from the legendary Rabbit Kekai and was NAUI certified as a diver at the age of 15. He has spent time on the shores and in the ocean from the south shores of the Big Island of Hawaii to the far northern reaches of Kauai's legendary Na Pali Coast. With a passion for fishing gained from his grandfather, Kelly has fished and dove for virtually every species of fish and crustacean available in Hawaiian waters.

Hawaii Charter Sailboat

Join Captain Kelly for an Hawaii Sailboat Charter. Hawaii sailing charters are his passion, Sharing with you the many unique and special experiences available on a Waikiki Sailing Charter in Hawaii is what he loves.


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